Monday, January 25, 2010

life in a house prison

in diz 2010 im already 23 years old. so fast da time past by. its so fast i still feels like im still 21. im somewhat in a woman category rite? so here da story. i was in my parents under control ever since i was kid. n unfortunately until now. if i was a kid then its acceptable coz im still a kid who dont know how to take care of myself. n yes when im in 18-20 years old im a lil bit over social. so dats make me under their control much more tighter after i 't'kantoi' in front of their eyes. n they sent me to studies at JB. n successfully graduated (finally!). so now i already got a job. but still staying at my parents house. n coz of dat i cant save any money for my future. coz i feels like 'y? if i want to eat i can just go back home n eat. save my money n i can use it for something else'. thats what i think since i got a job n staying at my parents house. n dats a big problem!! coz if i dont learn how to discipline my self i will never be able to learn to save money! n wat troubles me is i cant juz go out juz like dat. i have to ask their permission first. n since i was so stubborn even though they say no, i still go out. n i dont give a damn care abt it!

hey tell me. does ur parents give u permission to go sleep at ur friends house at least 4 1 night? they does rite? its not a big deal coz they know where u go. n they might didn't know where u really go at nite but they still dont really mind coz u staying at ur fren house. n my probs? i cant even go anywhere. i cant even sleep at my fren house dats is near our home. juz 5 mins walk. n what i hate da most i cant even celebrate new year, fren b'day, merdeka or celebration day. (aku nk wat rmbut blk lewat skit pon kena marah. camne plak??) even my fren say 'u already 23 n u still cannot go out at night??? really?? must be sux to be u'. hey!!!! where should i hide my face after thay say those word rite in front of me?? i feel so ashamed i dont know what to answer. but i still keep my coolness. haha. well i cant juz go out through da window anymore. my dad has already nail it up n they put alarm system in da house. every time da door opens da sound 'tiiiitttt!!' gonna be hear all over da house. n if im at home by 9.30pm they gonna lock all da doors n switch on da alarm. n by dat time i cant even go to a shop to buy topup or anything. i think real prison dont feels like diz. except mine hve pc, tv n games.

n bcoz they always against wat eva what i wanna do, i always against them too. i dont care. as long as im satisfied. i wont use ur car. i didnt ask 4 ur money. n i dont need u to worry abt me coz u always worried abt da car more than me. im juz a dirt n always mess everything up. rite? i dont care what u told my real parents what i did. they n u who make me like diz. u abandon me. n now u want to take control of my life? big mistake. i wont let anybody come thru into my life dat easy. all i want is freedom 4 me to do anything dat i want without have anything to do wit u. my life. my body. my rule. my mistake. my problem. n wat da worst is u dont even know me like i do.

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