Monday, July 5, 2010


Its damn true though. even though u hate him/her so much it turn out to be love someday without noticed. Sometimes we didn't know that we already in love with that guy/girl. And da best past is we will realized it at da time u r already or almost losing him/her. By that time it will be so damn hurt!

What abt da ppl dat having an one sided love only? Its still da love dat come to their self unconsciously. We didnt even know sometimes when we fall in love. But still we fall in love. I know for someone like me talking abt this shit is soooo unlike me. But i juz realised dat sometimes even a person like me need to be loved. I have lots of friends dat loved me for who i am. So thats good for me. But it still not enough. I want from someone special.

So back to the topic. The truth is im having a little problem with one side love now. But i wont think to much abt it. To troublesome. People usually wants something from a certain someone. But u wouldn't usually get it. Its hard to earn something n its much harder to earn someone u cherish the most. But u cant have him/her. N even though its like that u still want her/him right? Well its kinda same to me. I love him n he cant accept me. But i still want him 4 me. Even though he dont want me.

What da hell im talking abt??? Shit!! I hate this! Im starting to tell u abt my feelings already! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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